Hawthore Street Fair Haiku

Damsel in Defense

Turning the narrative on

its head with spy gear.


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Shakespearean Love Sonnets 5 and 6

Hello heartstumpers! I apologize for taking so long to share more poetry.  I’m so caught up in enjoying the beautiful summer sun, the only new poetry I’ve written are love sonnets for a man I love.  ❤

Aside from that, I’m putting the finishing touches on my book.  But I present to you below the fifth and sixth sonnets I’ve written for this man in the past six months.  I hope to write a hundred more…


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What To Do

Make beauty. However

you feel, you want to, with words,

with paint, with dance, with kindness,

open up to dazzling sparkling eyes with
knowing how to.


Make joy.Create

A smile or a tear, comfort someone’s

Fear, it’s ok, simply, by being here, in

This moment, you know.

This too.


Make life. Plant

A tree,  grow a garden, raise

A child to love for the rest
Of your life more than you even
Know how to yet.


Make chaos. Wake

people up! Shake, break,

Shatter, rumble, something
Inside or outside needing
To be rebuilt with what
You know, better.




Make space.
Make time.  For what
You really truly need.  Know that it’s
There, wanting to be seen by you
look at it, look for it and know that

It feels you too, and it will.


Make way. Make way
For love in your life, make love
in our hearts,  in our bodies in our
soul,  in this world, in our world,
That is really the only thing we know
to do right now,


go on,
you know

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Decided to distribute “Poem for Shante” all over the house


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May 8, 2016 · 12:53 am

Things in Mo Mo’s Drawers

I’m publishing a tiny poem here that I wrote six months ago.  In October, my neighbor and friend Mo Mo committed suicide.  And in November when they were cleaning out her apartment, I adopted her furniture as my own.  When I brought it home, I cleaned it off and opened the drawers and found a few odds and ends… I took inventory in my journal…


Things in Mo Mo’s Drawers

A sunflower

seed. Some dry

grass. A broken, fake

nail. Two wooden

blocks duct-taped



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Down the Rabbit Hole Tonight!!!!

In honor of the third annual Down the Rabbit Hole, I’m reposting my Alice poem from last year, inspired by this magical event!  Can’t wait to get all Aliced up and wiggle it!

(Photo by Timmy Wildgoose)   (Event Info)

Fall Down Alice


The rabbit with pink eyes is

calling you now, away from the dingy

ol’ gutter, the crowd, from the ticking,

the chores and the grayer of things,

from your dimes and your diamonds, from

have to’s and needings, to wander

a night, into something so dark

and so deep you might think

you don’t know where you are… did you

drive? No, you followed the rabbit and

fell, where he went with his pocket-watch

I’ll never tell…

Down, down, down, you will go…

It’s a dream and a show!

Come now, take a sly bite or a small

little sip, eat me, drink me, you shrink,

you grow gorgeously big.  Let’s all

run in a circle, and eat tiny cakes

hear the music and see all the flowers

and shapes, let our story take over,

as you take your tea and the mad hatter’s

riddle echoes in our frenzy. We dance

til the queen stands up with her face

red and she turns to us all and says


Let’s sing “Beautiful Soup” and

play games with the gryphon

surrounded by creatures incredibly

vivid, with big eyes and ears and

with smiles so wide you’ll see

galaxies in them and tumble inside.

Play a game of croquet with the king

of the hearts, you can play with the

queen, but you can’t steal her tarts.

Let us smoke with the blue caterpillar

and dance with our limbs changing

size in kaleidoscope trance. Take

a stroll through our Crystal Ballroom

and see what a whimsical

wonderland Portland can be…

Oh the Cheshire cat’s King-unsettling grin

will expand and contort in the radiant din,

a transfiguring smile makes pleasures unreal,

unless you can recapture your power and

kneel to the creatures unknown and

the mystical presence. And watch Alice, fall down

with the wide eyes of innocence

into the rabbit hole, sealing her youth

come fall down with our rabbit, discover your truth.

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Song of the Summer

Oh these are the days we are made to remember. These are the days that will glow
Like a flame in my heart in the cold of December. Still burning when I’m feeling low.

Don’t you know that these are the walks on jagged old sidewalks,  as trees break through concrete beneath,
These are the times I’ll keep fresh in my mind for my dreariest hour’s relief.

These are the smells of flowers and grass, as rain showers contest raging fires,
At a bonfire pit, as we laugh around it til the very last ember expires.

These are the flocks that all fly to the docks to feel warm river breath on their faces
At the season’s return, oh how each body yearns and each anticipating heart races.

In the swell of the heat with straps ‘cross my feet, I will wander and wonder and dream,  I Look for young love or for some great adventure not knowing which one I will meet.

There’s no need to be brave or to even be bold to converse and convene with new strangers
For with each new spring start we reopen our hearts and forget apprehension of danger.

The skin on my back turns a bbq tan and my cheeks burn deep red with delight
My every pore sweats, then the drenching sun sets, and my butterflies enter the night.

It’s the thrill of unknown with the comfort of home, like a gust of warm wind in the tree. It’s the starlight parade and then watching it fade. It’s the swings and the scraping of knees.

Picnics in parks and bright stars in the dark with a passionate love or alone.
Walking through petal puddles, in wet freezing huddles, and suddenly finding we’ve grown.

From the love and the loss, through the cold winter frost, and now  into renewal we
We will try something new. I’ll learn something from you. And in awe we re-learn life is awesome.

These are times I forget to behave or to fret over money, and future, and goals.
My past dies with the chill, eyes wide open and filled, each new moment a some beauty unfolds.

The song of the summer is not soon forgotten, like carnival candy, on my tongue still sweet.
It’s the music that plays for the rest of our days,  in each soul with a sweltering

A song that we dance, as we seek out romance, in a glance, or a hand, or a voice.
And we lose all our clothes to the strong current flows of a time we’ll always rejoice.

We divinely lay back in a world free of lack,  for the season,  the day, now the hour…
Til our world gets so hot that our gardens may rot, so it’s blessed again by cool rain showers.

That day ends not the song, but our lovers are gone,  and the gardens have turned to compost.
We cover our feet as the summer retreats and we run out of mallows to roast.

Each one of these days is a magical haze in the minds of the old and the gray.
They can still feel the kiss that was pressed to their lips the arms that they wanted
to stay.

These are the days that we’re made to reach back for. These are the years that will glow
with the song of the summer in my life’s December. Behind eyes where age doesn’t show.

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Book Progress: Have You Written Anything Lately?

Hello Heartstumpers,

I apologize for not putting out new content as of late.  My first collection, Heartstump, due out fall of 2016,  has monopolized by attention as I reach the final stages of editing and design.  As a result, I haven’t done much in the way of new work.

But I will construct a haiku now:


Dogs barking outside

Wanting to write something new

Brain preoccupied.



But I love my little website and wanted to post an update.  The book is coming along wonderful and I will be organizing a fundraiser at my Spirtual Living Center in the near future.

For now, here is a funny answer to the question “Have You Written Anything Lately?” courtesy of The Wedding Singer.

A fun song

Keep thumpin’ away Heartstumpers.  ❤


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Seen on the Street in Portland


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February 21, 2016 · 2:55 am